Wednesday, 9 September 2015

RACING HEART by June Moonbridge

I am delighted to welcome June Moonbridge and her novel RACING HEART today. There is a giveaway at the end of the post, so don't forget to click on the link!

Hello June, and thank you for coming on the blog today. What can you tell us about RACING HEART?

Racing Heart is a Romantic Suspense novel, set against the glamorous backdrops of Monaco, Paris and Nice. It mixes romance and mystery as Desirée Hart struggles to come to terms with her past to be able to embrace her future and love into her life.

The Riviera is a wonderfully glamorous setting for a romance! I would like to know more about your characters. In three words - What kind of man is your hero?

Lorcan Shore is an international F1 star, with golden heart and misunderstood behaviour.

In three words - What kind of woman is your heroine?

Désirée Hart is a young woman trusts no one, especially when love is in question, she also has too many skeletons in her closet.

And what did Lorcan think the first time he saw Désirée?

After realising that the car collision could be his fault and after his driving skills were brutally verbally attacked by her, he realises she likes to be in control of her life. After turning his invitation for a drink down he’s certain of it. 

What about Désirée? What did she think of Lorcan the first time she saw him? 

Before she recognises him, Désirée thinks Lorcan is one idiot of a driver.

What is the one thing you absolutely need to write? (quiet, music, an empty house?)

A mug of coffee, music and a time past midnight. I’m a night owl… and most of my writing is done at that time.

I would probably fall asleep! I'm more of a early morning person. Give me a silent house and lots of tea or coffee, and cake, of course, and I am very happy!

Do you find it difficult to come up with titles for your novels?

Somewhat difficult. Although I found the title quite soon, the publisher (Safkhet Soul) decided with me agreeing, to change its current one.

I absolutely love the names of your hero and heroine - Désirée is such a romantic name... How do you pick the names of your characters?

Basically I choose a name and a surname. After that the research is done – if there is anyone in the world that has that name… If I find that there is a real person who owns that name, then I try to combine it with middle name if not – the name is born… ;)

What are you working on at the moment?

It’s another romantic suspense, set mostly in a different climate zone and culture.

And now for the word association fun test!

Day            day job                                   

Night          writing                 

nature        peace

books          escape

music          relaxation

Thank you so much June for coming on the blog today. I wish you lots of luck with RACING HEART.

Here is a little bit about the story...

Desiree Hart in desperate search for her kidnapped son, does everything in her power possible to find him. Due to a letter she receives after official search was closed, she changes everything; her appearance, her hometown and even her name.

When she meets Lorcan Shore, the Five Times F1 World Campion, their encounter is everything but ordinary. Out of pure fear for her life, she loses her temper and spits over everything he is absolutely certain he can do the best; how to drive.

Leaving him alone on Grand Corniche she is certain she would never see him again. But the next morning proves her being totally wrong. He was no quitter and no matter how she tries to run and hide, her heart desires at the end come back to the surface…

Will the man of her dreams be able to fulfil them all? Including the most important will he help her find her missing son?

The person behind the name of June Moonbridge, has many names and many faces too. Although living in the same area, she was born and raised in one country  and now living in another.

She studied economics, and quickly realised she hated it. Afterwards, she found herself working in mainly male businesses; at first in automotive and later - steel products productions. She can choose for you the best steel you need, but don't, please don't, ask her which lipstick to use.

She started to write in her high school and was negatively criticised by her teacher. Stubborn as she is that didn't stop her. Under different pen names for her stories she tried to get some independent opinions, which came back as good reviews in magazines and later she published three books.

Giving birth to two children, and learning that her second child has Autism, she married the father of them and continued to work. All that together took all of her free time. But the desire to write didn't die. When life somehow sorted itself out, she decided to write her novel in English and her first submission to Safkhet was rejected… 

For what happened later… read third paragraph, second sentence.


GIVEAWAY: 2 e-copies of the book!


  1. Thank you Marie. I'm glad to be hosted on your blog!

  2. Thank you very much for being my guest June. It was lovely to get to know you and find out more about Racing Heart. Good luck with your next project!