Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The perfect hero? It's all in the eyes...

The perfect hero...

He is the man I dream about. The man who lives in my head for weeks and months until the story is completed.

I'm afraid I'm rather predictable when it comes to my hero. He is usually the tall, moody type. He is brave, confident, a little cynical and he knows how to turn on the charm. And since I write historical romance, let's not forget the boots, the horse, the sword or the pistol!

But the first, most important step is to picture his eyes.

And find the right name.

Two of my all time favourites French men. Singer Jacques Dutronc and actor Bernard Giraudeau.

Friday, 22 April 2011

S is for... Sisters!

S is for... Sisters. I have two of them. Sabine and Christiane. They're beautiful, funny and brave. Sadly as they are in France and I am in England, we only manage to see one another a couple of times a year, but we talk on the phone most days.

It's funny how things changed between us over the years. Being the eldest one, I used to be so bossy... I thought it was my place to tell them what I thought about their clothes, their hairstyles and their men, whether they wanted to hear it or not! I know... I was the big sister from hell.

Now I turn to them for advice, reassurance or a good laugh at the end of a horrible day! We have been through sad times together, losing our mother when we were still quite young, then coping with our father's depression and health problems. We argued a lot. We shouted horrible things at each other. We swore we'd never talk to each other again... And yet, they're here when I need them. And they'll always be able to rely on me.

S is for Sisters. My best friends.

Marie Laval