Friday, 17 October 2014

FORGIVING NANCY: Janice Cairns is on the blog today!

Hello Janice, and thank you very much for coming on the blog today.  First of all, I like to congratulate you on the recent release of your novel FORGIVING NANCY. This must be a very exciting time for you.


What did you want to be when you were a child?  Did you always know you wanted to write?
Looking back there were two occupations that rather appealed to me, one was working in a circus, maybe as an acrobat on the high wire.  I remember loving films about circuses.  The other notion I had was to be a gym instructress.  But I wouldn't say that my heart was rigidly set in either of these, these jobs were a kind of vague notion of what I'd like to do, jobs I would have embraced happily. 

No, I wouldn't say I had wanted to write from a very early age.  However, when I was around 15 or 16 years old I began to write poetry.  Then, when I was in my 20's and 30's I began to write diaries and stories.  Writing was something I naturally liked to do.  But I don't think I had in mind early on that I was going to become a writer.

 You must have been were very brave if you contemplated being an acrobat or a high wire artist. I suffer from terrible fear of heights. I can't even climb onto a stool without having palpitations (which is a good excuse for asking my husband to clean the top of the kitchen cabinets, by the way!)

Do you have a writing routine?
 I wouldn't say I had a rigid writing routine but when I have a work in progress I will add more words to it each day. I write every day.
I do agree with you here. It's very important to write every day and keep in touch with your characters.  What is the one thing you absolutely need to write?
 I think you need a sense of discipline.

I think you are absolutely right, once again. Some writers also need a special writing place. What about you? Do you need somewhere special to write or can you write anywhere?
I write in my front room, I find this to be the room of the house I'm most comfortable to write in.  I sit by the window where I have a lovely view of the Firth of Forth.  I find the view of the sea conducive to writing.

I would so love a writing room of my own, and a view of the sea, of course! It must be very soothing and inspiring. I am a big fan of the photos you post on Facebook. You always take such wonderful photos of Edinburgh and the nearby  coastline - not to mention of your fantastic hat collection!

Can you tell us in three words what kind of woman Nancy, the heroine of FORGIVING NANCY is?
Beautiful, spontaneous, individual.

What about Maxwell, your hero?
 Complex. Individual. Enigmatic.

That sounds like a fascinating combination - and I do love your hero's name! 
Can you tell us what you are working on at present?
The Sequel to 'Forgiving Nancy'.
Here is a little bit more about Janice.
Born in Ayrshire and educated at Ayr Academy, Janice Cairns has had an assortment of jobs. She's worked in child-care, law, insurance, media and creative writing. Janice lives in Edinburgh now; the city has been home to her for the last thirty years. It is here that her dream of becoming a writer is coming true. This last year, she has polished her debut novel, 'Forgiving Nancy'. She is absorbed in the marketing for this novel currently and does feel her days in advertising have helped with the marketing aspects of her being a writer today. 

In the last year or so she has also spent time developing her social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and her blog. She loves to keep these pages thriving and also is loving taking the photographs she does for her sites. Her main passion being writing, though, it is no surprise to her to find she has a second novel brewing and evolving within her. 

Already some plans are gurgling in the pipeline for what might follow ' Forgiving Nancy'. Janice's life could be described as a happy mix of active marketing for her first novel and laying some foundations for what is to come. She finds time in her busy schedule to enjoy walks at the Botanic Gardens or by the sea or even in the busy beautiful city she lives in. She has always considered her walks as important to her as she thinks these activate her creative thoughts and actually inspire her to write.

And here is the blurb for FORGIVING NANCY.
Recapture your love and his heart with Forgiving Nancy

Two marriages real bloopers, the third one is going downhill. Nancy went from just getting by to lady in a seriously wealthy household and threw it all away. Will Maxwell forgive her?

Left alone in London, finally Stella found a reason to move to Edinburgh. She tried to win Maxwell over, but to no avail. Will she find her love in the end?

One wrong decision a lifetime ago. Now Madam Melody chances upon her daughter in Edinburgh. Will she find forgiveness?

Forgiving Nancy draws pictures of rich Edinburgh and the poor parts of town. It conjures up images of scrumptious foods and homeless shelters. It weaves together the lives of people and will make you want to continue reading and, one day, visit Edinburgh and all its wonderful hotels, caf├ęs, gardens, and, of course, the castle.


Thank you very much for coming on the blog today Janice. I do wish you the best of luck with FORGIVING NANCY!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Spell in Provence: Cover Reveal!

I am delighted to have received the cover of my contemporary romantic suspense A SPELL IN PROVENCE which is shortly to be published by Accent Press!

The colours are enchanting and I can almost smell the lavender and feel the heat of the sunshine.
Thank you Accent Press for a gorgeous cover.