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Elaine Violette's Regencies

I am delighted to welcome another great romance writer today - Elaine Violette.

Hello Marie and thank you for inviting me to your blog!  What a lovely place to visit and share my two recent Regency Romance Kindle releases, Regal Reward on August 27th and A Convenient Pretense on September 1st. 

Can you tell us about your novels?

       I’d love to tell you about both.

In Regal Reward, my hero, York Blackstone, is virile, reckless, and obsessed. He lived as the privileged first son of an Earl until his father is falsely accused of treason, imprisoned, and his family tossed to the streets of London. As a mere child, he turns to thievery to live and care for his grieving mother and sickly younger brother. His inherited aristocratic bearing makes him a leader in his world of thieves. He becomes obsessed with clearing his father’s name, reclaiming the title and lands lost, and making the villain who destroyed his family pay for his misdeeds. His ruthless occupation as a highwayman, leads him, one night, to discover the beautiful Lady Marielle Henley asleep in the woods with her dog Beatrice and her newborn pups. He is disbelieving of his find. What is a prim and proper miss doing asleep against and old Oak tree in the dead of night with only a dog and her brood? Fearful, but defiant, Marielle struggles with her captor who tosses his prim package on his horse with her bundle of squirming animals and steals her away to his seclude cottage.  York won’t let his captive’s allure turn him from his goal when he realizes he can use her as a pawn in his vengeance.
Regal Reward can be purchased on Amazon at

 In A Convenient Pretense, my second Regency release, my lovely heroine, Emily Grace, is independent, stubborn, and a self-declared poetess. I enjoyed being able to include a bit of poetry as she sits and ponders her craft. Emily observed her father and mother’s failed marriage and has chosen a single life much to her widowed father’s dismay. Here’s a snippet of an opening poem which is a self-proclamation of her views on marriage.

          Foolish is a maiden who sets her heart a flight    

   With dreams of wedded bliss that surely lead to strife.

         She might best consider a single life…

When her father forces her to go to London for the Season, she must obey.  Aunt Delia is given the task of finding her niece a suitable husband. Her aunt’s best friend Agatha has been anxious to find her disinclined nephew, Lord Marcus Deming, a suitable wife. The two spirited aunts conspire together and set up a meeting. When Emily and Marcus are introduced, Emily can’t deny her attraction to his startling good looks but she refuses to be drawn in to his charm.  When she discovers that Marcus has an aversion to marriage, she boldly suggests a convenient pretense of courtship. He agrees it will save them both from their aunts’ badgering and their parade of candidates. Emily didn’t expect to fall in love with her collaborator. Little does she know when she escapes London and returns home, a more sinister pretense is afoot, one that will destroy her family.  Only Marcus, the man she’s run from, can untangle the deception. Are Emily and Marcus too much alike to realize they belong together? 
A Convenient Pretense is available on Amazon at

Both novels sound absolutely wonderful. Just the kind of stories I love to read! I need - but rarely get - quiet to write. What about you? What is the one thing you absolutely need to write?

          An empty house is best when I’m typing away and inventing characters and plots. My writing space is a bedroom turned into an office. Only the occasional interruption from my husband, wondering if I’m still alive, breaks my concentration.  I need total quiet when I’m writing though I do miss my dear Cocker Spaniel’s breathing when she used to be stretched out on the rug by my chair. She passed away and I still haven’t convinced my dear husband to rescue another pet.  I’m working on it.

I'm sorry to hear that, Elaine. We do get very attached to pets. They make wonderful companions...

What are you working on at the moment?

Presently I’m polishing up my fourth Historical Romance. The Journal of Narcissa Dunn is a departure from my previous books. It takes place in New England and has inspirational elements.  The idea of this story came from a walk in a cemetery a few years back.  I read the epitaph of a girl that passed away at eighteen in 1808. I never forgot it. Once I finished my third novel, I knew my story for her had to be written.   I look forward to its release in a few months. 

Another great read I musn't miss!

And now for the word association fun test!

           Pick 5? Here are flash responses.

                   Day -         Sunshine, writing, busyness

                   Night-       A glass of wine and TV with hubby

                   Winter-    Too cold for comfort. Furry slippers

                   Summer- Beach time. Lobster. My favorite time of year

                   Travel-      Gaining new perspectives. Love new places

It was such a pleasure visiting, Marie, Thank you for your gracious hospitality.  I’d like to invite readers to my Facebook page at where they can subscribe to my monthly newsletter for news on upcoming releases, contests, and recipes too.  (I love to bake!)
You are very welcome, Elaine. It was a pleasure talking to you!

Author Bio

Elaine is a veteran English teacher and holds a BS in English Education from the University of CT and an MS in Educational Leadership from Central CT State University.  She presently teaches public speaking part time at a local community college. She is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America, CT Romance Writers (CTRWA) and Charter Oak Romance writers (CORW). She resides on the Connecticut shoreline and especially enjoys being a wife, mother, and grandmother.


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  1. Thank you for being my guest today, Elaine. I do love your covers, by the way! They are simply beautiful.