Saturday, 13 February 2016

Love from France...more vintage Valentine's cards

To carry on with the theme of vintage Valentine's Day cards I started last week  I am posting a few mor old French postcards from various periods I have found. They are absolutely lovely...What do you think?

The little sister has fallen asleep and the big sister accepts...But don't make any noise and wake up 'the alibi'!

What about a Love Barometer?

 And the 'waterfall of love which will never run dry'?
 A boat ride on the Lake of Love....

 What a beautiful moustache!
A Love calendar from the Thirties...

 A Happy Heart from the Forties...
 And this really cute one from Raymond Peynet...

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Love the Peynet, of course!

    1. So do I, Helen. It is really too adorable! Thank you for visiting!

  2. They are all delightfully French with that little spice. I really like the first one, it evokes tante Rose and her suitor with little Marcel in La Gloire de Mon pere.

  3. You are right, Beth! La Gloire de Mon Père is one of my favourite books / films as well, Beth. It's a beautiful, touching, funny story. Thank you for visiting.