Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Top Ten List of Lovely Things from Provence...

I have always loved Provence and was very lucky to holiday there with my parents and sisters every summer when I was growing up. It was during another holiday, with my own children this time, that I got the idea for the plot of A SPELL IN PROVENCE, my contemporary romantic suspense recently released by Áccent Press. I could easily have chosen some of the many stunning landscapes and villages the region is famous for my Top Ten list, but I picked a selection of the tasty and foods and local produce I enjoy the most instead, and I hope you'll enjoy them too.

So here it is! My Top Ten list of treats from Provence.

10. Tapenade. Made from finely chopped olives, anchovies and olive oil, this spread is delicious with bread for the 'apéritif'.

 9. Calissons  are lovely lozenge-shaped sweet made of candied fruit (usually melon and orange), ground almonds and covered with a layer of icing. 

8. Figs. I know you can find them in England, but they never taste as good as in Provence.

7. Savon de Marseille. The best for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. My all time favourites are Eglantine Rose and Lemon Verbena.  
 6. The candied fruits of Apt. Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat!

 5. The many colours and patterns of Provençal fabrics. I prefer the yellow ones. They remind me of the sunshine.

4. Goat cheese. Hard or creamy, with a piece of freshly baked baguette. Heaven.

 3. Rosé wine. The Lubéron region has beautiful wines, but rosé is my favourite. It reminds me of sitting out in the garden to watch the sunset and listening to the cicadas.

2.  La Tarte Tropézienne. Not exactly from the Lubéron region, but its light brioche scented with orange flower and fluffy cream are a delight. Did you know that the original recipe for the cream - a mix of butter cream and crème patissière - is kept secret?


1. I had to place lavender at the top of my list. Not only is it beautiful to look at smells divine, but it has many medicinal properties for the treatment of insomnia, colds and  migraine.

I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten list. Did you ever visit Provence, and if so, what food or drink did you particularly enjoy there?




  1. I agree with your list of Provençal delights. Lavender is always at the top of my list when I visit there. And savon de Marseille as well. I would add in some herbs and olives and a saucisson.... well, it would be hard to stop at ten items.

  2. I know! It was hard to pick only 10 things, Beth. I wanted to add melons to the list, and herbs, as you rightly suggest, and of course, the singing from cicadas too!

  3. Rosé wine! It always tastes better in the sunshine. What a sensual list, Marie. It warmed me up on this chilly winter's day.

  4. I know, rosé wine is wonderful in the summertime. Thank you for visiting Johanna!

  5. I have never been to Provence- but I would love to visit! The treats you shared with us all sound good to me. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. You would love the place, Jess. There are wonderful villages and landscapes inland, and the coast is enchanting. Thank you for visiting!