Saturday, 3 January 2015

Finding my way with music...

Although I much prefer peace and quiet to write, I always have one or two special songs or pieces of music that help me through the process of writing a novel. They are never the same ones and vary with every story. For some reason every time I fear I am losing my way and I have got out of touch with the characters or I am stuck in an impossible dead end, listening to them it helps me get back into the mood and the heart of the story.  

Here are some of the songs which have inspired me so far. I hope you enjoy them too!

When I was writing A SPELL IN PROVENCE, soon to be published by Accent Press, I kept listening to Zaz and her poignant 'Eblouie par la nuit'. I love this song, it makes me cry every single time.

I was also playing Françoise Hardy's song 'En résumé, en conclusion...', probably because it made me think about Jacques Dutronc - her long term partner, and I just love, love him!

Laam is a French singer with a beautiful voice. There are many songs of hers I love. These two are my favourite:
'Que l'amour nous garde'
'De ton indifférence'

I completely fell in love with Tuareg music, in particular great guitarist Bombino and his song 'Tar Hani' (I love you). These words are actually spoken by my hero, Lucas Saintclair at the end of the novel.

I also listened a lot to 'Welcome to Imzad' (the Imzad is the traditional string instrument played by Tuareg women). I have no idea what the song is about but I found the melody and the sound of the imzad really poignant and haunting. In fact, I wrote whole scenes of the novel while listening to this song in a loop, and I always promised myself that if I was lucky enough for the book to be turned into a film I would insist of this music for the soundtrack! (well, it costs  nothing to dream...)

DANCING FOR THE DEVIL, a historical romance to be published by Accent Press in the New Year
I rediscovered Fleetwood Mac 'Go your own way' and 'The Chain'. Now, this is going to sound very, very silly but I named my hero's horse after 'The Chain'... Of course, the song did inspire me in other ways too!

What about you? Is music important when you write, and what music inspires you? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the music you use to help inspire you. Even when a song is in another language the music and words can resonate with you. Amazing to listen to these!


  2. I am delighted you enjoyed these, Jess! Thank you so much for visiting!