Sunday, 7 December 2014


I am delighted to present the new cover for A SPELL IN PROVENCE which is to be published on December 19th by Accent Press. Although I loved the original cover, Rebecca Lloyd, my fantastic editor at Accent, felt that it was a little too carefree for the storyline and that a darker, more mysterious picture would suit the plot better. So this is it!  What do you think?
With few roots in England and having just lost her job, Amy Carter decides to give up on home and start a new life in France, spending her redundancy package turning an overgrown Provençal farmhouse, Bellefontaine, into a successful hotel.

Though she has big plans for her new home, none of them involves falling in love – least of all with Fabien Coste, the handsome but arrogant owner of a nearby château.  As romance blossoms, eerie and strange happenings in Bellefontaine hint at a dark mystery of the Provençal countryside which dates back many centuries and holds an entanglement between the ladies of Bellefontaine and the ducs de Coste at its centre. As Amy works to unravel the mystery, she begins to wonder if it may not just be her heart at risk, but her life too.

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