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Blog Hop Character Interview: today, Lucas Saintclair!

Thank you very much  Edward Hoornaert, fellow MuseitUp author, for tagging me in the Meet my Character Blog Hop. You can find Edward on

I am today interviewing Lucas Saintclair, the hero of my historical romance THE LION'S EMBRACE. Saintclair is taking a well-deserved rest at The Seventh Star, a tavern on the Algiers docks, after returning from yet another secret mission in the Sahara. Arms crossed on his chest, his long legs stretched out in front of him, he is reclining against the back of his chair, seemingly lost in thoughts. But as I come nearer, I can see that his piercing blue eyes never cease to scan the dark, crowded and stuffy room. As always he is on the alert for spies his enemy - Lieutenant Mortemer, from the French army - regularly sends to trap and kill him.

I hope he'll be willing to answer a few questions for the 'Meet my characters' blog hop. From what I know of the man, his answers will be brief and to the point.

Lucas, are you a fictional or a historic character?
Fictional, entirely.

When and where is the story of THE LION'S EMBRACE set?
It is set  mostly in North Africa. I grew up in Bou Saada - an oasis on the edge of the Sahara desert. This is where I learnt to become a scout -  the best in the Barbary States. I left Bou Saada five years ago. I don't know if I'll ever return. Something happened there back in 1840, something I can't forgive myself for...  
What should we know about you?
Believe me, the less you know, the better. For you, and for me.

I take a deep breath and wonder if he'll answer my next question.

What messes up your life at the moment?

He doesn't answer straight away but leans across the table and lights up a cheroot to the flame of a candle. He draws on his cigar, smiles a thin smile, and answers.

A woman, who else? A young, naive and irritating English woman called Harriet Montague who insists on hiring my services to lead her and her pompous fiancé to Tamanrasset where her archaeologist father was abducted by Tuaregs. I tried to tell her she won't last three days - let alone the three months we need to reach the Southern Sahara. She won't listen but offered me a small fortune, as well as a treasure map to take what's a man to do?

He smiles another cynical smile and carries on.

I'll take her, of course. Or at least, I'll take her part of the way and do everything in my power to discourage her from travelling further...Then she'll beg me to send her back to Algiers, and I'll get to keep the money and the treasure map.

Poor Harriet Montague. I hope she makes it to Tamanrasset.

One last question, I ask him. Would you mind telling me what your personal goal is?

He draws on his cigar and his face disappears behind a cloud of smoke. He's taking so long to reply I'm not sure he heard me.
Revenge, he says at last, his voice hard.

I hold my breath. Saintclair isn't a man I'd like to cross. I can see he won't say anymore, so I'll leave him alone...

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