Monday, 5 November 2012

A photo tour of some locations in 'Angel Heart'

'Angel Heart', my debut historical romance set in 1815, takes place mostly in France, in an area around Lyon and the Beaujolais region I know very well, having lived there for many years. Later in the story my heroin Marie-Ange also travels from Devonshire to Algiers and Malta.

Today I am posting a few photos of Lyon, particularly of Isle Barbe, of the Palais Saint Pierre and the famous 'traboules' which are long, secret passages in the old town...

I hope you enjoy the views...

Isle Barbe lies to the north of the city, on ther river Saône.

The 'traboules' are long passages linking houses and streets in the 'Vieux Lyon', the old part of the city.

There are over 500 of these passages in Lyon. They were first built in the IV century to allow people a quick access to the river where they could get water.

They were then used by silk workers to carry their wares when the weather was inclement. Lyon was, and still is, an important centre for silk. The 'canuts' (the silk workers) used their knowledge of the network of 'traboules' to organise their revolt in 1831.

They were later used by French resistants during the Second World War.

Walking down a quiet, empty 'traboule' is a great experience. You never quite know where exactly you're going to end up!
At last, the Palais Saint-Pierre... Located in the heart of the city, on 'La Presqu'île' - the area between the rivers Rhône and Saône - its secluded gardens offer a haven of peace and tranquillity. It was a monastery until the French revolution and is now an art museum.

I will be back soon with photos of the Beaujolais and of the village of Malleval in the Pilat...

In the meantime, please visit, a great site where you can read the blurb for 'Angel Heart' and other novels. If you leave a comment, your name will be entered in monthly draw to win an Amazon gift card. Winners are announced on the first Thursday of the month.


  1. Hello Marie, My name's Helena and my book The Silk Romance (set in Lyon!) will be published by Muse next year. Loved your blog post and looking forward to reading Angel Heart. I name-checked you in my own blog post here!
    Great to meet you!

  2. How nice to hear from you Helena. Is your novel historical romance too? I will look forward to reading it. Are you on the MuseitUp Gab Room? If not, please email me at and we can chat about our books!

  3. Hi Marie, I love to see the settings of books. I especially like the 'traboules'. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for visiting Cheryl. Yes, I do love the 'traboules' too, they are very atmospheric. In fact, the whole of the 'old town' is fabulous and well worth a visit.