Monday, 28 May 2012

A day on my own just to write... What could possibly go wrong?

I was so looking forward to today.

The sky was a pure blue, flowers were everywhere, spots of colours in the sunshine, birds were singing and a light breeze was coming through the open window of my makeshift study.

And more importantly, it was going to be one of those rare days when I would be alone in the house, with nobody to distract me and nothing else to do than get on with my story. I had a plan, I was bursting with ideas, I had images and bits of dialogues in my head. It was going to be a wonderful and productive day. I couldn't wait to write.

Things started to go wrong when child number one came back early from college - lessons cancelled - and embarked on playing his guitar, watching TV, playing noisy computer games and demanding lunch ... I gritted my teeth, closed the door and stayed focussed as long as I could. However feelings of motherly guilt for ignoring my first-born for the sake of imaginary characters and romantic plots pushed me out of the study and I got side-tracked.

When I came back to the computer I made the mistake of checking my emails, which in turn led to going onto the internet and reading a few blogs I follow.... Before I knew it, it was time to walk up to school to pick up child number three. Never mind, I still had an hour before child number two came back from high school and started demanding food and attention. I was just getting back into my story when the phone rang. One think I can't do is let the phone ring, and then I'm not very good at telling people I'll call them back because now isn't a good time to chat. So by the time I put the phone down, well... not only children one, two and three were reminding me it was time to make their tea but the writing mood was completely lost.

It's now a beautiful evening, the birds are still singing, and there isn't a single cloud in the sky...

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