Saturday, 14 January 2012

Broken New Year's Resolutions... already!

I was so determined to get it right this time but I have already broken a few of my resolutions for the New Year and we’re only two weeks into 2012.

My first resolution to be broken, despite my best intentions, was to blog once a week. As always I am full of admiration for of you who manage to write, research and edit your novels, as well as carry on with your ‘day job’ and look after your family, and still find time to write meaningful, entertaining and well researched blog entries. And I am not even mentioning facebook or twitter!  

The second resolution I’ve already thrown out of the window was to be more of a ‘plotter’ and less of a ‘pantser’. To take more time to develop my characters, research background details, settings and storyline and to plan ahead instead of rushing through a story and making it up as I go along. I started a new story a few weeks ago (which sprung into my mind when I spotted a bright pink car at a traffic light whilst driving my son to his rugby practice) and I am steaming ahead as if I had to get it finished and hand it in by the end of the month. The problem is that the plot seems to change on a daily basis, which is becoming exhausting! Even if I don't think I could ever plot a story from beginning to end before even starting writing, I need to remind myself to pause, take the time to think and plan more. 

The last broken New Year’s resolution has got nothing to do with writing and everything to do with not eating chocolate and cakes!

At least I’ve managed to keep to one of my resolutions, which was to be more patient. At the end of December I finished the first draft of my second historical romance – ‘The Lion’s Embrace’ – and resolved to leave it ‘rest’ for a few weeks before tackling the rewriting and editing process. Well, it’s been two weeks and I haven’t gone back to it yet. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Hi,

    Just popped over from Romantic Fiction Online.

    The only New Year resolution I had was made before Christmas: to get a book out in paperback. I succeeded!

    As for blogging etc., I do it as and when and spend a lot of time (too much) reading/commenting on other peoples blogs. ;)


    BTW: you posted your e-mail address at RFO. I tracked you via Google search.

    1. Hi Francine,
      You must be thrilled to have a paperback out! Good luck with it.