Saturday, 30 July 2011

So disappointed... Embrace is closing down

Embrace, the romance imprint of Salt Publishing which was going to publish my historical romance, has closed down.

It's hard to stay positive and optimistic about the future. It's hard to believe 'Angel Heart', or any of my other stories are ever going to get published, and yet that's what I have to do. I love writing too much to give up now, and I have so  many ideas for new stories and characters I just have to do something with them. I also have to keep going because frankly once you stop believing it will happen, what's the point in doing anything?  

I had started the next instalment of 'Angel Heart' a few weeks ago, blissfully unaware that 'Angel Heart' wasn't going to be published. Let's change the end to that sentence. ... blissfully unaware that 'Angel Heart' wasn't going to be published JUST NOW.

So I will try and find another publisher for 'Angel Heart' and carry on with my new story which is located almost entirely in Algeria, a country which I always found fascinating and where my mother's family was from.  Hence the photo!

Good luck to all Embrace authors!

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