Wednesday 10 May 2017

Abi's Neighbour by Jenny Kane

Hello, Jenny and welcome!

Thank you for inviting me along today on Day 4 of my Abi’s Neighbour blog tour!
Abi’s Neighbour, the second novel to feature Abi Carter, is set in the Penwith region of Cornwall; an area which included Lands End, Penzance, Sennen, St Just, and a myriad of beautiful villages in between.
I really enjoyed Abi's House, so I was delighted to return to Cornwall for Abi's Neighbour! Cornwall is a very beautiful county. I have only been there once for a short holiday but I would love to return one day. How important is the Cornish setting in both novels?

I have no doubt that the Abi’s House, the first of my two ‘Abi’ novels, did so well because of the gorgeous Cornish setting. This got me to thinking about what it would be like to introduce a character into Abi’s life that really doesn’t want to be in Cornwall at all. A character who doesn’t like the seaside or anything to do with it.

Blurb for Abi’s Neighbour

Abi Carter has finally found happiness. Living in her perfect tin miner’s cottage, she has good friends and a gorgeous boyfriend, Max. Life is good. But all that’s about to change when a new neighbour moves in next door.

Cassandra Henley-Pinkerton represents everything Abi thought she’d escaped when she left London. Obnoxious and stuck-up, Cassandra hates living in Cornwall. Worst of all, it looks like she has her sights set on Max.

But Cassandra has problems of her own. Not only is her wealthy married lawyer putting off joining her in their Cornish love nest, but now someone seems intent on sabotaging her business.

Will Cassandra mellow enough to turn to Abi for help – or are they destined never to get along?

Complete with sun, sea and a gorgeous Cornwall setting, Abi’s Neighbour is the PERFECT summer escape.

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Tell me, Jenny, how did you come up with Cassandra' character?

Cassandra Henley-Pinkerton was so much fun to invent and write about. She is a complicated lass to say the least- not to mention perfectly made up, dressed, confident and successful. Your basic nightmare!

Cassandra finds herself in Sennen, in the house next door to Abi, hiding from her lover’s wife. A million social miles from London, she is out of her depth for the first time in her life- and to make things worse- there’s no Wi-FI!

She also hates the seaside.

What? Really? How s that even possible? Everybody loves the seaside!

Well- umm...confession time- I’m not keen on it either! I like seaside villages and wandering along coastal paths and everything else about the seaside- but not the actual beach. I hate the way sand gets everywhere, and how the seagulls attack the litter bins, and seaweed- I can’t stand I sort of know where Cassandra is coming from. Although, I hasten to add, I’m not like her in any other way!!

It’s going to take a miracle for Cassandra to adjust to Cornish life...

Author Bio
Jenny Kane is the author of the full length romance novels Abi’s Neighbour, (Accent Press, 2017),  Another Glass of Champagne (Accent Press, 2016),  Abi’s House (Accent Press, 2015), the contemporary romance/medieval crime time slip novel Romancing Robin Hood (Accent Press, 2014), the best selling contemporary romance novel Another Cup of Coffee (Accent Press, 2013), and its novella length sequels Another Cup of Christmas (Accent Press, 2013), Christmas in the Cotswolds (Accent, 2014), and Christmas at the Castle (Accent Press, 2015).

Keep your eye on Jenny’s blog at for more details.

Jenny also writes erotica as Kay Jaybee and historical crime as Jennifer Ash.

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Thank you ever so much for hosting my blog today Marie.

Happy reading everyone. I hope you enjoy all the stops on my tour.

Jenny xx

You are very welcome, Jenny. Congratulations on the release of Abi's Neighbour and good luck for the rest of the blog tour!

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